Adult Education: Three Opportunities

  • Wednesdays 7:00-8:00 p.m., “All Will Be Well” Topics, starts March 8 (see below)
  • Sundays: ELCA Social Statement on Health 10:10-10:45 a.m. starts March 5. (copies in Hemgren room or CLICK HERE to view/download)
  • Anytime, On-line, at Home, “All Will Be Well” Topics (e-mail to join the on-line classes)

Family Friendly Home Devotions  CLICK HERE  to view/download



March 8: Healing & Anointing

Worship Participation: Individual Prayers for Healing/Anointing

Education Hour: Your Faith Can Make You Well

“Go in peace, your faith has made you well.” What does Jesus mean by this? How is this true today? This course helps us understand how wellness is much deeper than we might at first think, and how our faith — and our Church — plays a part in making us well.


March 15: Healing & Forgiveness

Worship Participation: Washing of Hands

Worship Speaker: TBA

Education Hour: Practical Forgiveness

Learn how to let go of unforgiveness and spite. In this course, author and consultant Rob Voyle uses his decades of experience in dealing with forgiveness and reconciliation to give us practical steps on how we can let go of the pain of unforgiveness and live in wholeness.


March 22: Healing of the Nations        

Worship Participation: Prayers over Map of the World

Education Hour:

 Holy Yoga Learn how the practice of yoga can deepen the Christian life. Christian yoga instructor Allison LaBianca tells us how the practice of this ancient meditation and fitness tradition can bring us closer to God.


March 29: Healing & Prayer

Worship Participation: Share our own prayers

Worship Speaker: TBA

Education Hour: How To Pray

When we say “Prayer changes things,” very often, it’s we who are changed and, as Episcopal priest, author, and pastor Christopher Martin tells us, it’s for the better. In this class Christopher will not only tell us why people who pray are happier, less anxious, and generally more content with their lives, but how we might get there.


April 5: Healing & Grief

Worship Participation: Bring pictures/symbol of deceased love one(s)

Worship Speaker: TBA

Education Hour: Grieving Well

‘We are wired to grieve because we were built to love.’ So begins this excellent course in healthy grieving taught by a seasoned hospital chaplain and gifted teacher, the Rev. Andrew Gerns, which can be very helpful for those experiencing grief and those caring for the bereaved.