9.14 imlu signTwo services begin again on Sept. 7th! The 9 a.m. service will continue with our five teams: Grace Awakening (Adult Praise): leading the first week of the month, YA (young adult): leading the second week of the month, Good News (Gospel team): leading the third week of the month, Spirit Voices (Youth Band): leading the fourth week of the month, and Fifth Sunday Men’s Team (great turnout in August!): leading the 5th Sunday of the month. The 9 a.m. service will learn new liturgy written by Nate Houge, who is based out of St. Paul, Minnesota, calls himself a “garage folk-singer,” and delivers artisan bread by bicycle. We are looking forward to infusing our Contemporary service with the joy and energy of this new music!

The 11 a.m. service will use liturgy written for the organ by our own Liz Hollers, and what fun it was to write! Thanks to Judy Nakamura for the time she spent familiarizing Liz with the organ, and also to our organists Lynn and Nita for always being willing to learn new music. Discovering a bit more about the organ helped her to appreciate all of the skill and preparation that goes into playing this instrument. We hope that you enjoy this new liturgy, and we are looking forward to hearing the ethereal voices of the Women’s Ensemble help lead it.

Both services are “streamed” on the internet for viewing during the service or later.  For more info go to http://imluchurch.wpengine.com/watch-live/