Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.

Yes, We remember all the times when we have
felt like dirt or been treated like dirt.
Yes, We remember that the things we work so hard for,
love & relationships,
dreams & goals,
work & income,
strength and health,
these things sometimes crumble into dust around us.
Yes, We remember how our own words and actions can so easily
make dirt, dust, ashes of someone else’s life or someone else’s dream.

Say it. “I am dust and to dust I shall return.”

These words are not intended to depress or frighten us.
They give hope and peace.
Because dirt, dust and ashes have never stopped God
from creating things
and creating people who are alive
and called good-
both for this life and for the next.

Prayer: For those I have treated like dirt.  For those who have treated me like dirt.  For those whose lives are crumbling.  Name the names. Ask for forgiveness and the courage to make it right. Ask for God’s comfort and help.