Immanuel will continue our partnership with the other Missoula congregation and host ONLY virtual on-line, worship services through May 31, 2020. We will NOT gather for public worship at Immanuel in May. Pastor Molly and the other Lutheran pastors are considering a “soft” opening of worship, perhaps starting June 7. This might include congregations meeting in their own space with a limited number of folks, and a continued Live Stream from Immanuel for those who do not attend. Each week, we will have more information about the effects of different aspects of our state re-opening, and we will follow and respond to that data closely.

  1. We need time to assess and prepare a clear plan to re-open.
    a. Strict protocols regarding social distancing, sanitation and personal protective gear are required to “re-open” even minimally.
    b. We need to develop a cleaning and sanitation plan for gathering spaces, entry ways, bathrooms, and worship space.
    c. We need to have in place clear guidelines made for our specific circumstances and that everyone agrees to follow.
  2. Our congregation serves a largely vulnerable population: over 60 or with health issues.
  3. The best date for us to re-open is based upon our own specific circumstances and our ability to love and care for our neighbor with special consideration for the vulnerable.
  4. Small groups of 10 or less must consult with the pastor before deciding to meet in person again.