Gathered into the mystery of the Trinity, let us pray for the church, the world, and all of God’s creation. A brief silence.

God of community, you form us as your church. Guide our bishops, pastors, and deacons as they lead the church in these trying times. With all the baptized, may they be strengthened to share the good news of Jesus Christ, and in prayer and action, strive for peace and justice in all the earth. Hear us O God, your mercy is great.   

God of creation, you called everything into being. Sustain this world with your renewing care. Instill in us a deeper wonder for the created world you’ve called good, and a greater humility for our place within it. Kindle in us a creative and resilient spirit as we care for the earth and its creatures. Hear us O God, your mercy is great.

Almighty God, you created us in your image and formed us into one humanity. Break down the walls of race and religion, nation and politics, gender and orientation that divide us. Where the sin of racism fractures our relationships, bring repentance and reconciliation. Cleanse from our own hearts the seeds of prejudice, ill will, and fear. We pray for all mourning the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. Unite us in the cause of dignity and justice, especially for people of color, that they may live without fear and share fully in your good creation. Hear us O God, your mercy is great.

Almighty God, we commend into your keeping all law enforcement officers, dispatchers, and emergency personnel.  We give thanks for the moments, seen and unseen, when they act courageously, sacrificially, and mercifully. Protect them from danger, restrain them from using excessive force, and guide them to be honest, wise and unwavering in duty. Sustain their family relationships and friendships, and comfort all who mourn loved ones lost in the line of duty. Hear us O God, your mercy is great.

God of healing, you accompany us in sickness and suffering. Bring relief to all afflicted with the corona virus and all those isolated now more than ever, especially those in prison or care facilities. Strengthen caregivers, health workers, and all whose work ensures the safety and well-being of others. Send help and hope to those who have lost jobs, businesses or housing.  We commend into your care all who are ill in body, mind or spirit, especially those whom we name aloud or silently before you now…. Hear us O God, your mercy is great.

O God, we remember with thanksgiving those who have loved and served you on earth, who now rest from their labors, especially Deanna Sharbono and Betty Jacobson. Console all who mourn their death. Keep us in union with them and your saints, until you reunite us with them at the joyous feast of heaven; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Hear us O God, your mercy is great.

Into your hands, most Gracious God, we commend all for whom we pray, trusting in your mercy; through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.