Apples for Tanzania a Success!

Thanks to all who came out and helped pick apples and process apple juice as well as make donations to our Apples for Tanzania Project. A fun, safe, fellowship opportunity for all of us and we processed 100 half gallons of apple juice.

This year we supported the Mwika Lutheran Bible and Theological Collegein Tanzania where our members, Rob and Carolee Stuberg, serve as missionaries.  

We were able to purchase an oven for use in the Parish Worker Program and five guitars for use in the guitar class. 

An update from Rob and Carolee:

Greetings! We hope you are well. We are doing great here in Tanzania.

We wanted to give you an update on the status of the oven and guitar purchases. We have included some photos of both purchases. More photos will be forthcoming when the semester begins and the students arrive.

We purchased the oven last Wednesday, November 4, from Pajwani’s appliance store in Moshi, for 775,000 Tsh. We still need to purchase the propane tank, for 90,000Tsh. The total in USD should be about $375.43, depending on exchange rate, so are in good shape with the estimate of $400, and we even got the larger size oven. The teachers are so excited, and the students will be as well.  Pajwani’s is a good store, and they gave us a warranty. The salesman even gave his phone number and told us to all anytime, day or night.  

On November 10, we purchased 8 guitars from Hai Vocational Training School. The cost was 340,000 Tsh each for a total of 2,700,020. Since 10,000 shillings is the largest denomination (less than $5) it was a big pile of money and several trips to the ATM. 4 of the guitars are from Apples for Tanzania, 2 are from Our Savior’s in Broadus, 1 from Julie, and 1 from Deb and Brian. We couldn’t buy the 5th guitar from Apples for Tanzania at this time, because we bought all they have.

Since they are currently working on a big pipe organ, they won’t have another guitar built until after Easter. Our friend who runs the woodworking department that makes the pipe organs and guitars is from Germany, and is trained in organ building. He also plays piano at our church, St. Margaret’s. I will add photo or two of their current organ project for the big Lutheran cathedral in Moshi. It has 1254 pipes, with the largest being over 13′ tall!

Our teachers and our principal are so very excited for all you have done on behalf of our students! No longer will Parish Workers have to stay up until 10:00 at night to do their cooking and baking projects!  No longer will guitar students have to share a guitar during class. They can literally learn TWICE as fast! And no longer will students not be able to practice on their own because all the guitars are being used.  And the icing on the cake is that the Hai Lutheran Vocational Training School received money for their guitars, to be invested in their college where they teach textiles, woodworking, electrical, masonry, and carpentry.

Thank you all so very much! 

Rob and Carolee