Family Faith Gatherings give families, parents/ grandparents and children,  an opportunity to explore their faith together. Families meet monthly from 4 to 6:15 pm on Sunday afternoon.

In 2017, we transitioned from the Sunday School/Confirmation class model to intergenerational family based faith formation. Family Faith Gatherings are intentionally focused time for families to share their faith and values.  We changed how we do children’s and youth ministry to better meet the needs of families today.

Through two group visioning sessions and one-on-one conversations with parents, we learned our families experience these pressures:

  • Parents and children have few Christian peers, friends and neighbors.
  • Families are BUSY.
  • Both parents often work full-time and travel for work with few family members living nearby to help.
  •  Kids have multiple opportunities for learning, sports, academics, etc. every day and night of the week.

Our families are seeking:

  • Deeper relationships and support among Christian parents and youth.
  • Opportunities to deepen relationships with their children and older, trusted, faithful adults in the congregation.
  • For their kids to know God and stay connected to a church community.
  • To actively participate in Christian practices of prayer, service, worship, giving, and Biblical literacy from a Lutheran perspective.
  • For their kids to WANT to be a part of faith and the church.

Here’s what our parents are saying

My kids aren’t really talkers, so it was especially meaningful to grow closer to them by sharing our thoughts. 

The family faith time, my favorite part, poses questions in a context that we can easily discuss faith. 

Made us set aside time without electronics to talk and be together.  It’s meaningful because between work and activity schedules, it’s hard to find that time. 

I looked forward to the activities and family time together; it was priceless. 

It’s meaningful to see our kids make connections with other families, kids, and adults in the church. 

It helps us get on the same foundation for parenting as a couple before we face the hard questions.


4:00- 4:30  Opening (Sanctuary)

4:30-5:15  Grade level classes (Pre-K, 1-5, 6-12, Parents)

5:15-5:45 Family Connect

5:45-6:15 Dinner

Dates  & Themes 

  • September 8:  Great Bible Race @ Marks’ house
  • October 6: Peace & Forgiveness
  • November 3: All Saints Day
  • December 1: Advent Festival
  • December 15: 10:00 am  Christmas Program
  • January 12: Baptism,  Giving & Generosity
  • February 9: Holy Communion
  • March 8: Women in the Bible
  • April 26: ? 

Confirmation Days to meet with Pilgrims during Lent:  March 1, 8, 15 or 22, 29, April 5