Volunteers are needed to provide salads and desserts and assist in the kitchen from 5-8ish pm. There are slots for salad, desserts, and volunteers. Ideally it would be great if you can bring a food item and stay to volunteer. Be sure to sign up for both if you can do both.  

Location:  Family Housing Center, 1800 South Ave West.   Park in the parking lot on the east side of the building. Come in the front door (orange door) and ask Becky Bishop. 

Questions: Contact Becky Bishop, Family Promise Director at becky@micmt.org or 406-880-3467 or Nancy Marks, Immanuel’s Family Promise Coordinator-  406-396-5494 or nancy@imluchurch.org

Provide Salads and/or Desserts

  • Provide salads and desserts for approximately 30 people (2 people each provide servings for 15 people).  Numbers may change as the FHC adds families and families eat meals.  
  • Deliver the salads and/or desserts to the Family Housing Center by 5 pm on the day you are providing it. 

Kitchen Helpe

  • SETUP- Arrive by 5:00 pm.   
    • Start with dishwasher
      • Turn dishwasher on 
      • Run 3 cycles. Always Wait for green light before opening the door 
    • Setup to serve food
      • Set up food for serving- turn on the master switch under the serving table
      • Roll up the windows  (for serving window and  cleanup window) 
      • Set out utensils-  forks are by the desserts to pass out with the plates
      • Put napkins out on the beverage counter
      • Residents are in charge of their own beverages 
  • SERVE from 5:30-6:30   
    • Feel welcome to eat with residents after the bulk of folks are served- Family Promise style!
    • Dishwashing chore resident will scrape and rinse dishes
    • FP person runs dishwasher.  Air dry everything,  then put away
    • Don’t forget to bring the glasses in from the beverage counter.
    • Date and store any leftovers that can be used for another evening (marker is on the refrigerator) 
    • Spray sterilizer and let dry.  Wipe down everything
    • Turn dishwasher off and let cool for a few minutes
      • Remove screen (horizontal) 
      • Remove plug to empty water
      • Remove screen (vertical)
      • Clean screens  and put back together
    • Roll down windows
    • Take out trash from kitchen in the rolling garbage can (out front door and on the east side of the building)
    • Residents are responsible to empty trash in hall  as one of their chores