An awake-overnight YWCA staff is available to deal with situations and answer questions.  They can be reached at 406-550-3855.  Family Promise overnight host is available in case the overnight staff needs assistance. 

  • Arrive at 8 pm – bring  your own bedding and a towel- bed provided. 
  • Ring doorbell by front door to be let in. 
  • Check in with Becky/ overnight staff – get key fob and Family housing Resident Notebook  from Becky’s office and find out where you are sleeping.   
  • Put your belongings in your room 
  • 8-10 pm Return to front desk-  sit at front desk and let guests in when they arrive and ring the doorbell
    • Ask them their name – check with notebook
    • If you have any questions or concerns- call the overnight staff at 406-550-3855.
    • 10 pm – return notebook to Becky’s office and head to bed (take key fob with you)
  • 10 pm-7 am go to sleep in your room.  
    • If you are using the Quiet Room to sleep, your bathroom is at the end of the hall – past room 233) in the overflow area.  Be sure to take your keyfob with you as you will need it to get back into the Family Housing Center area back to your room.  
  • 7 am Get up.  Return key fob to Becky’s office

Questions: Contact Becky Bishop, Family Promise Director at or 406-880-3467 or Nancy Marks, Immanuel’s Family Promise Coordinator-  406-396-5494 or