Music, Mission & Meatballs!

Immanuel’s abundant energy translates into three areas: Music, Mission and Meatballs.

Youth Band

Youth Band


Musically we are a congregation that honors and supports diverse musical styles and worship traditions.  For many years, we have sustaned a youth band, four contemporary worship teams and a committed traditional choir.


Giving Tree

Giving Tree


Immanuel is also dedicated to Mission, as we reach out to our community through the Christmas giving tree Family Promise and Prayer Shawl Ministries.  Our reach extends as well to far-away places through our support of missionaries, prison ministries and our title to the Synod and the community.



smorgasboard2013Finally our story includes our annual Scandinavian Smorgasbord. Every Immanuel member gets involved in hosting folks from near and far who come for a taste of krumkake, sandbakkels, lefse, Meatballs and yes.. lutefisk!  What a blessing to share the songs in our heart, the stewardship of God’s abundant gifts, and a sampling of our Scandinavian heritage.



Throughout the year, in a multitude of ways, the Immanuel congregation strives to be a caring group that shares Christ’s love with each other and with the community.  Guests, visitors, new members, adults, and children are invited to find ways to experience Christ’s love at Immanuel.  You are welcome,too!

We share Christ’s love when we worship!

  • Worship on Sunday – both contemporary and traditional services
  • Worship on Wednesday evenings
  • Holy Week Services

We share Christ’s love with children and youth!

  • In Learning Hour on Sunday mornings for all ages
  • In a week-long Vacation Bible School in June
  • In Bible Camp at Flathead Lake
  • In the Christmas program
  • In the Immanuel Preschool
  • In Confirmation classes on Wednesday evenings for middle school youth

We share Christ’s love with our community!

  • Quilting
  • Prayer Shawls
  • Giving Tree at Christmas
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Family Promise
  • In support of international missions

We share Christ’s love in fellowship together!

  • Serving an annual Smorgasbord meal
  • Visiting home-bound members
  • Wednesday night meals and Bible Study
  • Advent Soup Suppers
  • Lenten Soup Suppers
  • During Learning Hour classes
  • In crafting sessions
  • Singing together

We learn to share Christ’s love through Bible study!

  • On Sunday mornings
  • On Wednesday evenings
  • On Tuesdays afternoons
  • At Naomi Circle- one Wednesday morning per month