Our Values

  • God is living with us and among us, today. 
  • Living the Good News of Christ’s unconditional love, grace and forgiveness.
  • Your story matters. Everyone has a value, purpose and something to give.
  • Serving our Community and World.
  • Connecting with God and experiencing God with others.

Christian Stewardship is our courageous attempt, having experience the generosity and hospitality of the God we know in Jesus Christ to live a life that reflects that generosity- the life that really is life.

Listen to the Heartbeat of Immanuel:

Loving God through Worship and Music

Worship every Sunday morning set the tone for my week. I thank God for all the gifts I have been given. I leave the service at peace, knowing that I have been forgiven, ready to start the week with a clean slate.

Forming Faith Filled Followers

We talk about faith and grow closer to God as a family because the faith family gathering is dedicated time for us to read Scripture, consider real world application, do activities and pray as a family.

Creating Community, Care and Connection

I joined a book study. Being new to Missoula and Immanuel, it was an answered prayer to find people living in and with Jesus, interested in learning and growing, who offered camaraderie, care, fellowship and hope.

Transforming Lives through Mission and Service

If it weren’t for our Family Promise, three out of the four families we hosted would have had t heir babies and children placed in foster care. But because of our faithful people and our commitment to homeless families, they stayed together.