Weekly ThemeMondayWednesdayFridayNotes
Week 1
Colors/Noah's Ark
Tuition payment due- thanks(Chapel Time -
10:15 AM & 1:30 PM)
Show-n-Tell**Bring something that is your favorite color
Week 2
Happy Birthday, Olivia!No School- parent/teacher conferences
Week 3
Thanksgiving/ Families
Bring a picture of your family
Wear brown today
Week 4
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Feast*No School- Thanksgiving Break
No School Thanksgiving Break*I wil have a signup sheet if you would like to contribute an item to our Thanksgiving Feast



Weekly ThemeTuesdayThursdayNotes
Week 1
Payment due, thank you

Snack day
AM- Hadley
PM- Kayleigh
Chapel Time -
10:15 AM & 1:30 PM
Snack Day
AM- Eastyn
PM- Nikolai
There will be a sign-up sheet to bring items for our Thanksgiving Day feast on the 25th. Parents and siblings are welcome to join us.
Week 2

Snack Day

AM Jaxen
PM Koleden

Snack Day
AM Maxwell
PM Janson
FYI- We will be using washable paints this week
Week 3
Thanksgiving and Family
Wear brown

AM Keller
PM Chloe

Show & Tell

Snack day
AM: Landry
PM: Ellyahna
Nov 20th
Show & tell
Bring a picture of your family
Week 4
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Feast

Class Snack Day

No School
Thanksgiving Break
Week 5 (December)

Snack Day
AM Lola
PM Ms Wendy

Snack Day
AM: Jace
PM: Sylas