Immanuel Lutheran Church

vision 2020


vision- mission


Our Values

As a community of faith, Immanuel Lutheran Church is shaped by unique values:

  •      Your story matters. Everyone has a value, purpose, and something to give
  •      Serving our community and world
  •      Telling the Good News of Christ: unconditional love, grace, forgiveness
  •      Connecting and experiencing God through others
  •      God lives with us. God is among us.


How did we come up with the Strategic Plan?   

We listened!


  • 119 people completed the Church Assessment (Tool) roughly 79% of the Sunday worship attendance.
  • 98 People were interviewed by the Kairos Consultant, Kristin Wiersma


  • We held a neighborhood forum-so we were able to listen to the needs of our neighbors.
  • The Church Council & Strategic Planning Team met with Kristin Wiersma and developed the plan.


Focus Areas

out strategic plan

Engaging those around us.  Serving our neighbor. Working together to make a difference in the community.

  • Become full partner with Missoula Interfaith Collaborative (MIC)
  • Engage with one of MIC’s initiatives
  • Connect with neighborhood schools, Missoula Manor with assistance of MIC
  • Join with other churches for city-wide youth ministry
  • Quarterly service activities across all generations
  • Stay connected with Five Valleys Senior Ministry

Strategic plan up

Faith formation. Telling & sharing stories. Nourishing worship. Deepening relationships across all generations.

  • Launch short term, small group opportunities
  • Implement ways to help members share faith connections, how we are impact lives in the community and world!
  • Research intergenerational model of faith formation
  • Collaborate with other churches for faith formation opportunities
  • Assess worship practices and resources

Strategic plan In

Develop a stewardship culture that fosters clarity, unity, leadership development & impact. Assess building accessibility & current governance structures

  • Implement capital appeal to make our building more accessible and welcoming
  • Volunteer training connecting members by spiritual gifts to other opportunities
  • Review strategic plan and align staffing with goals and resources
  • Tell and share stories about the impact of Immanuel ministries
  • Narrow focus of giving, benevolence & service to make a bigger impact.