Immanuel is involved in several outreach opportunities into our community including Family Promise and Washington Middle School.  As we move into 2022, we are looking at ways we might enhance our Outreach opportunities.  

Housing Advocates Network is Seeking Volunteers

Some Immanuel Lutheran people met with Zeke Campfield, director of the Housing Advocates Network (HAN). For those who were not able to, this is a brief overview.

HAN, a program of MIC, has been operating for years in Missoula with a mission of provide guidance, comfort, and caring for folks in who are unhoused. Volunteers have been paired with folks seeking housing to aid and support them in their, often very individual, challenges.

As we emerge from pandemic, HAN is adding to those efforts by adding two drop-in centers open for a few hours a week, one at the MIC offices in Atonement Lutheran is open on Fridays 1 – 3 and another will be opening at the Family Housing Center from 5:30 – 7:30 on Monday evenings. These centers have computers and volunteers to help in people with their next steps in their housing search. There will be a dedicated volunteer for set up and computer support.

The Family Housing drop-in center will be open for the first time on April 4th.

This can involve assisting with basic paperwork, providing a listening ear, or watching young children so a parent can attend to the work of finding housing.


The first time you volunteer, there will be a brief orientation in procedures of the drop-in center which covers the process of signing people in, and a few dos and don’ts. This can happen on any Monday evening but will be given particular attention at the Meadowlark on Monday, March 28th during a dry run of the drop-in center.  If you are interested- signup below. 

Contact John Brock:, 406-529-3717 for more information