Welcoming All Through Accessible Space

More than Just an Elevator 

This video shares the history of working on accessibility at Immanuel


In 2013, the Accessibility Task Force was formed to look at building an elevator at Immanuel.  It soon became apparent that the major goal was more than an elevator, but “creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and where everyone can participate in the mission and ministries of Immanuel”.   Several members shared their ideas about improved accessibility in this video.

2015 Consultation with Kairos & Associates, indicated overwhelming support from the congregation to address the facility need of accessibility. The Accessibility committee reconvened and designed a plan and cost for accessibility. 

2015 Renovation to the Worship Space (Chancel) and roof replacement

January 2016, congregation voted unanimously to pursue funding the Build up the Body  Accessibility Enhancement Project. The goal of the project is to raise $600,000 over three years to make building improvements that will include adding an elevator to unite the five levels, adding six accessible bathrooms and reworking spaces to be more inviting.

July 9, 2017 Groundbreaking

2018-2019 Construction and Remodeling  click to view video

Sept 19, 2019 Dedication of new construction

2020- 2021 Covid Pandemic- Immanuel livestream worship supported the access to worship through our online Livestream worship. 

2022   Elevate, Anticipate, Resonate (EAR) campaign.  Through this campaign,  we have invested in our facilities in order to remove physical barriers to participating at Immanuel.  

The funds raised through this campaign will go toward the following priorities:

  • Retire the debt on renovations and upgrades (Build up the Body Campaign)
  • Complete a separate dishwashing room
  • Add solar panels to our facility
  • Complete some needed maintenance to our church exterior
  • Update some seating in the worship area to provide flexible space for worshiping families and for other gatherings. 

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Campaign Response Card

If you’d like to make a pledge, Download the RESPONSE CARD,  fill it out and  email it to pastormolly@imluchurch.org or mail it to Immanuel, 830 S Ave West, Missoula MT 59801