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Immanuel is a Reconciling in Christ Congregation


As a Reconciling in Christ Congregation we are committed to:

1) Clear welcome statement for people of all sexual and gender orientations and racial equity.
2) Open to calling a rostered leader who is LGBTQIA+ and/or a person of color.
3) Allow sanctuary and community space to be used for LGBTQIA+ weddings and blessings.
4) Make a financial contribution to the National RIC program. 


Adopted January 29, 2023


We embrace “Seeing Christ in Everyone”

Why should we single out LGBTQIA+ people?

Many LGBTQIA+ people have learned by experience that they are not truly welcome in church, even in churches that state, “All are welcome here!” A general statement of welcome is often heard as meaning “everybody but me,” so it can take a special effort to communicate an authentic welcome to LGBTQIA+ people. The RIC program seeks to make known places where people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions are truly welcomed.

Team Members: Susannah Murphy, Loni Nielson-Kattell, Kevin Papp,  Audrey Thornton,  Pastor Rebekah Cochrane.

Immanuel RIC Education

In 2019, Immanuel Lutheran Church began a journey of grace-filled conversation, study, and prayer to specifically welcome people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.  After three years of discernment and study, the Immanuel congregation voted to become a Reconciling in Christ Congregation.  Learn more about the process by reading this article from the Montana Synod Newsletter (4-12-23).


Lutherans Talk about......

In just the past 20 years, the culture has changed in perspective, practices, laws and language in how we live together as people of varying sexual orientations and gender identities. You may view these changes as welcome and wonderful, confusing or even alarming. 


This 3-part educational series in 2021 studied scripture, Lutheran interpretation, and cultural practices regarding marriage, ordination, and welcoming and including people of varying sexual orientations and gender identities in the church.  

Reconciling in Christ Education

In 2022, the Reconciling in Christ Team offered a month’s worth of information, stories, and conversation.  These sessions were designed to help Immanuel friends understand how and why we are working towards an all-inclusive welcome to church for LGBTQIA+ siblings in Christ, and for other groups who have not always felt welcome in worship.  


Pedicatrician & Pastor Transgender Panel

Dr. Kathy Rogers, retired pediatrician and life-long Lutheran, shares her experience working with the families and LGBTQIA+  children and youth from a Pediatrician’s perspective. Pastor Greg and Carol Karlsgodt share the story of their transgender grandson and their own evolving perspective. June 2023.


Check out the RIC Resource page for more information.  

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