The apples are ready for picking!

This year we will be supporting the Mwika Lutheran Bible and Theological College in Tanzania where our members, Rob and Carolee Stuberg, serve as missionaries.


Proceeds from donations for apples will go to fund two projects:

About the projects

Oven for Parish Worker Program:

Parish workers in the Parish Worker Program are always women, and they receive both theological and practical education. The first year their education is in theology and Bible. The second year is practical training where they learn skills that are needed in the Lutheran parishes, such as baking and cooking (both open fire and stove/oven), sewing, candle making, and entrepreneurship. After graduation, they often teach Sunday School, Adult Education, and do many other jobs in the church such as making candles, sewing vestments, and cooking for parish guests and events. The problem is they only have one gas stove/oven for about 20 students. When they have a cooking assignment they have to sign up and take turns using the oven, often as late as 10:00 at night.

Goal: Purchase a four-burner stove and oven, with propane tank:  $400

Guitars for the Guitar Class:  Currently there are 11 guitars and the largest class is 20 students, so it will be very helpful to have more guitars! The guitars are made at Hai Lutheran Vocational College, so by purchasing them we support the church even more. The photo where I am playing guitar is at the place where they are made, with several new guitars in the background.

Goal:  Purchase 4 (or more)  guitars at $150 each


A fun, safe, fellowship opportunity for all of us and we processed 100 half gallons of apple juice.

Progress: $884 raised

One oven

3.2 guitars ($150 each)

Accepting donations through October 22, 2020

Donations can be made to Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Donations are welcome whether you come help with apples or not! 

  • Make checks out to Immanuel Lutheran – note “apples” with your donation.
  • Text to GIVE: 
    • Leave your checkbook at home.  If you have a smart phone and credit or debit card you can now make donations by texting.
    • Text 855-496-0725
    • Enter the dollar amount you want to give $ 00.00 apple, and tap send. 
    • The first time you use texting it will send you a link to set up your card information.  Any time after that you only need to text the amount of your contribution.
  • Use your credit card: Click button below to donate online