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Immanuel's Communion Bread Recipe

Connie Lindborg

Makes 300-500 servings


History: Connie Lindborg from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Missoula created this recipe in the 1980’s as she thought was similar to the bread served at the Last Supper. It didn’t hurt that our Swedish Lutheran communion bread is also made with hearty Swedish rye flour.


It has been handed down through several people who have made it for Immanuel.


Ron Marks has also taught many children and youth how to make the bread as a part of our Confirmation and Family Faith Gatherings!

mixing communion bread

Recipe for 300-500 servings


½ cup sugar
3 ½ to 4 cups white flour
2 cups rye or whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon soda
½ teaspoon salt
1 cup butter   
2 cups buttermilk or milk 

Mixing the dough

  1. Preheat oven to 350º. 
  2. Mix dry ingredients together. 
  3. Use softened or melted butter and mix well. Add 2 cups buttermilk (or milk) until dough sticks together. 
    Set out on counter on some flour.  Knead until dough is smooth. Should hold together into a smooth ball- can add a little water or a little flour to make it smooth and not sticky.
    It is sticky and all over and looks like a failure at this point. Have faith. It will look like bread after a few minutes of gentle hand mixing.
    Divide ball in half.  Wrap half closely in plastic wrap so no air can get in.  Put in freezer. Half of the loaf makes about 250 servings


communion jig

Traditional pre-cut pieces of bread:

This method was the original method. Dough was rolled out and then cut with a jig before baking. Ron Marks adapted it to cutting into pieces with a pizza wheel.


Divide half the loaf  into 4 pieces. Roll each piece out to ¼ to 1/8 inch thick rectangle and put on cookie sheet. 
Pierce gently with a fork.  

Bake  at 350 for 6 minutes, then switch shelves and bake for 5 minutes until lightly brown on the bottoms . 
Let cool for 5-10 minutes
When cool, cut each rectangle  with pizza wheel in ½ inch squares. 
Discard any imperfect pieces to children, spouse and eagerly awaiting pets- Bless first of course.  

Variation for rounds of bread broken by pastor during communion:
Cut  into 12  equal pieces. 
Roll out each piece flat- about ½ inch thick on 2 cookie sheets, 6 to a sheet. 
Pierce with a fork and make a wide cross.
Bake  at 350 for 6 minutes, then switch shelves and bake for 5 minutes until lightly brown on the bottoms . 
Let cool for 5-10 minutes
Seal in  zip gallon or quart bags, 
Date the bags. Discard after 3 weeks in the freezer,  or when white patches of freezer burn appear. It is also too dry for many folks.


The broken bread serving depends on the size of the pastors thumb, to get 250 servings it should be broken in ½-¾ inch pieces (amount pinched between thumb and forefinger) 



Eat and enjoy.   Truly God’s work,  our hands. 

May the Lord bless you and keep you in his grace. 

Communion Bread at Home

In 2020, Ron Marks adapted the recipe to make the communion bread at home  for virtual communion during  the COVID pandemic.  

virtual communion