Share the Love of Christ with All!

As we mature in our Christian faith, we experience the joy of giving beyond ourselves and extend helping hands to others in gratitude for our own blessings.

It is a universal yearning to be able to reach beyond our life span to leave our stamp upon our world, to continue to help shape the future in significant way and to enrich the ministry of the church.  Immanuel’s Endowment Fund enables us to do that.

We give out of gratitude.  We give to the Endowment Fund so that the benefits of our contributions continue long after we no longer inhabit this earth.

We are responsible for the treasures God has given us even after we die, and we can still help grow and build the church through our legacy.  Endowment gifts enable Immanuel to start new ministries or to reach out beyond our congregation in creative ways.  Endowment funds are used for emergency relief for church members, education grants, youth focused ministries, aid in caring for the poor, support of domestic and global missions of the church. A committee elected by the congregation and independent of the Church Council distributes 75% of all Endowment Fund earnings to a variety of ministries and programs that meet the Endowment guidelines.

How can I give to Immanuel’s Endowment?

Usually, people plan to give gifts to Immanuel’s Endowment from their estate after they die. This could be a percentage of the total estate after bills are paid, or making Immanuel the beneficiary of stocks, insurance policies, or other assets. People over 70 ½ may consider gifting a Required Minimum Distribution from their retirement fund.  Gifts can be made to Endowment at any time.  Please contact the Pastor to plan a gift.

We invite you to consider a gift to Immanuel’s Endowment Fund.

Click here to view Endowment Brochure  with more details about how to apply for funds and ways to contribute to the fund.

Estate planning wordleLife Legacy and Planning

As we go through life we hear, “If you want a good outcome, you’d better have a good plan.”   So we plan — for career, for family, for vacations and hopefully even for retirement. But when it comes to end-of-life planning, many of us become uncomfortable.


The reality is that for each of us, our life on this earth will end, regardless of our planning efforts. Planning for the rest of your life –all the way to the end — can be one of the most appreciated gifts you leave as part of your Legacy.    Click here to learn more.