Four weeks a year, our Fellowship Hall is turned into four living spaces for families who are homeless and a part of the Family Promise program. Family Promise is the way for us to SHARE THE LOVE OF CHRIST WITH ALL by caring for families in need.  We have extra space, we have extra food and God says in Hebrews 13:15 “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

What is Family Promise?

How it Works

Immanuel, in collaboration with other faith communities in Missoula, provide housing and meals for Family Promise of Missoula, an organization who assist families with children who are homeless to regain housing, independence and dignity. Participation in this network offers an opportunity for volunteers of all faiths to reduce homelessness and transform lives. Our church has joined the other Missoula churches to host families (maximum of 4 families or 14 people at a time) for four times per year for one week.  The families work with a full time social worker during the day to find long term housing and employment solutions. Overview of Daily Schedule

Ways to Volunteer  

family promise imlu(Click links to view detailed responsibilities)
Sunday Setup Time is based on when trailer arrives.  Set up beds/rooms/kitchen area for guest.  Unload cots from van that comes from previous church . Set up sleeping area for hosts.

  • Sunday Cleanup -: 7:45- 9 am Clean guest rooms and family room to be ready for church.  Includes packing cots, vacuuming, and cleaning the fridge.
  • Dinner Prep Duties (5 – 6:30 pm) Provide/ prepare dinner for all guests and for the dinner hosts (10 adults).  Dinner is prepared in Atonement’s kitchen and served in their fellowship hall.  and is served at 6 pm.  Simple is good. Feel free to sign up to be Dinner Hosts as well, but you are not obligated to do both. You will open up the church to Family Promise guests, who arrive at 5:15 pm from the day center/work.famil promise host
  • Evening Host Duties (5:45 – 8:00 pm) As hosts, please help serve dinner, clean up and just be available to talk with families and play with children. 2 adults or a family (kids too) can host.
  • Overnight Volunteer Duties  (8:00 pm – 7:15 am) 2 adults (1 female) or a couple/ family (kids welcome).  Hosts are available for overnight needs.  Bedtime is encouraged at 9 pm; guests return to their rooms by 10 pm. Set out coffee at 6 am and give wake-up call if needed.  Beds provided, but bring your own sleeping bags.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Bring/cook a hot breakfast.  (sometimes we are lucky enough to host breakfast at Ruby’s Cafe, thanks to one of our members) Arrive about 7 am and stay until the guests leave for the Day Center ~ 9 am. A gift to sleep in! 
  • Sunday Laundry    – Atonement will take care of the laundry !  

Food/ Items Donations

When purchasing items, plan food for 10 people (4-6 adults).  Please bring donations to church no later than the first Sunday that we host. Check the sign up sheet or  contact Nancy Marks,  Immanuel’s Family Promise  Volunteer Coordinator at  or406-396-5494 if you can help.

CLICK HERE  more information about Family Promise Missoula

Thanks for helping Immanuel  continue to  Share the Love of Christ with All!