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 Life Legacy and Estate Planning 

Have you prepared your will?  What about your Healthcare Directive or Medical Power of Attorney?  Perhaps you’re wondering how you can share a small portion of your estate with the church.  If any of these matters are on your mind, then these resources are definitely for YOU.  We like to call it – Planning for the Rest of Your Life.


Overall Planning

Funeral planning-  an awesome gift to your surviving family members.   

 Healthcare Directives and Medical Power of Attorney  if you can no longer make medical decisions for yourself.

Hospice- blessings that Hospice brings to families when they are going through the dying process of a loved one.

Will Preparation and Estate Planning

Charitable Gifts

Planning is so critical in everything we do in life – from babies to career and from college to retirement.  These are just a few resources to equip you with tools  you need to move forward with Planning for the Rest of Your Life.