NOTE: As our response to COVID-19, the Mid-week Lenten worship will be livestreamed on March 18th, March 25th and April 1.

Lenten Soup Supper and Adult Study are cancelled for March 18th. 25th and April 1st.

Wednesday Worship 6:30-7:00 pm

Adult Study

Adult Study:   “BLESSED TO FOLLOW by Martha E Stortz:  Although the Adult Study groups have been cancelled, you are encouraged to read the book and meditate on it. 

In Matthew’s Gospel, the Sermon on the Mount inaugurates Jesus’ public ministry, and the first word out of Jesus’ mouth is ‘blessed’. He repeats this word throughout his first sermon. Jesus calls his disciples by blessing them, and as he speaks, Jesus introduces himself to us but also introduces disciples to themselves, for the Beatitudes offer a character sketch of who disciples will become if they follow him.

The Beatitudes, says Martha Stortz, function as a compass for the journey of Christian discipleship. The first group of Beatitudes target people in situations of suffering. The second group of Beatitudes target people who help those who suffer. Each chapter in Blessed to Follow is structured around a similar pattern: appeal to experience; biblical stories; Jesus: the one blessing and the one blessed; disciples: blessed to be a blessing; practice: the blessing made real.

  • Participant books are $10 each and may be purchased at church or on Kindle.
    • Checks: Pay to Immanuel and write “book study” in the memo line

Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (no study on March 18th)
Week 1: Intro., 1-Count Your Blessings & 2-Poor in Spirit; Rich in Blessing
Week 2: 3-The Country of Mourning & 4-Following with Tempered Strength
Week 3: 5-Follow Your Heart & 7-Pure in Heart; Rich in Vision
Week 4: 6-Mercy Made Real & 8-Making Peace & Being Peace
Week 5- 9-Blessings in the Midst of Suffering


Please check back after April 3rd for more information on how Immanuel will experiencing Holy Week this year in light of COVID-19. 

Worship: Palm/ Passion Sunday, April 5, ONE SERVICE at 10 am Procession with palms and dramatic reading of Christ’s Passion

Maunday Thursday, April 9, 7:00 pm Jesus gives the new commandment to “love one another as I have loved you.”  Jesus institutes the Lord’s Supper and washes the disciples’ feet.   

Good Friday, April 10 7:00 pm  Christ’s Seven Last Words, Prayers at Cross

Resurrection of our Lord, Easter Sunday, April 12  9 and 11 am  Festive Easter Service with Holy Communion.