The Reconciling in Christ Team is offering a month’s worth of information, stories, and conversation to help Immanuel friends understand how and why we are working towards an all-inclusive and particular welcome to church for LGBTQIAplus sisters and brothers in Christ, and for other groups who have not always felt welcome in worship.  Every Sunday in October after church in room 406 or on zoom.  All are welcome!    All sessions are recorded and posted on this page. 

October 2, 2022: What does “Reconciling in Christ” mean?  

Pastor Rebekah Cochrane and the RIC Team will lead us through the history of RIC and review its goals, talk about the process of becoming an RIC church and why it is important.

October 9, 2000: “Clunky Questions” videos

 The RIC national office has developed several videos to respond to basic and sometimes-hard-to-ask questions about sexuality.  Discussion led by RIC Team.


October 16, 2022: Immanuel’s draft Welcome Statement.  A central part of this process is developing a welcome statement that makes clear that our church welcomes LGBTQIA plus people, and others who might not have always felt welcome in church.  The RIC team will present our draft and ask for the congregation’s response.

October 23, 2022: Our Stories  Pr. Jean Larson and Pr. Rebekah Cochrane will share personal stories about our reconciling journeys.

October 30, 2022: Reformation Sunday and Reconciling In Christ.  How are the two connected?  Susannah Murphy (RIC Team member) will lead a discussion about the bigger picture of reforming.