Face Masks Needed

In preparation for reopening worship at Immanuel, we would like to have aface mask number of fabric face masks available for those attending who don’t have one. Please contact the office if you’re willing to make some masks for this purpose.  Thank you!

(Tudi Smith has plenty of extra fabric, please contact her at tudi@imluchurch.org if you need some).

“Beautify Immanuel”

Thursdays from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Our remodel is done and the new lawn is starting to grow!  

Our landscapers and gardeners are eager to start working on the front yard of the church.   There are many tasks to be done.  

We needed folks to come on THURSDAYS from 12 noon to 2 pm to help get work done in the yard. There are lots of tasks to be done!   And plenty of space to keep our social distance! 

If any of you are rock artists, here’s an opportunity to find that “perfect rock” to paint.  If you need rocks for your own landscaping feel free to take some home with you! 

Be watching for more ways to help make our yard more beautiful! 

Questions?  Contact Ron Marks at 406-544-5084.Judy Nakamura at mtazjudy@gmail.com or 406- 370-0254 

Sign Up!

Habitat for Humanity Build Day

Immanuel Lutheran’s Habitat Build Day is Saturday, June 27. The two houses being built represent the 58th and 59th homes constructed by Habitat for Humanity of Missoula. A total of nine Missoula residents will be living in homes they can afford and helped build. The wellbeing of the volunteers concerning issues of the pandemic will be stressed in addition to construction safety.
Contact Dick King at 880-0720 or Tove Elvrom at 802-4793 or email: dick.tove@gmail.com for more information.

Quilting Team

Immanuel’s Quilting group has been working from home making quilt tops, looking for fabric and planning for Christmas quilt giving.  The quilting group meets following the 6 feet distancing guidelines on Thursdays at  10 am, (Rooms 405 and 406).   Contact Eileen Brown (406-214-4080) or Carole Graham (406-728-4412) for more information.